Real Advantage - Regional Data

The Real AZ Corridor is a region ripe for alternative energy development, diversified energy production and economic development. Abundant natural Resources, Energy, Access and an incredible four-season Lifestyle offer ground-floor opportunity and sky-high potential in northern Arizona’s strongest energy corridor. You don’t just see it, you can feel it — everywhere you look.

Real Opportunity - Communities

The Real AZ Corridor spans two counties and includes nine communities in northern Arizona. Together, they represent a region offering abundant water resources, renewable energy assets, biomass and forest industry potential and exceptional development opportunities in sectors including renewable energy development and storage; transportation; tourism and entrepreneurship.

Make it Real - Programs & Resources

A wide range of programs and resources exist to help you realize your plans for success in Northern Arizona, including Renewable Energy, Energy Corridor and Future Forest initiatives, wind farm and rural development programs, state and local incentives for clean technology and solar products commercialization and enterprise zone status.


The Real AZ Corridor is Arizona’s Energy and Resource Corridor!