St. Johns is in Arizona’s Energy and Economic Development Corridor: the Real AZ Corridor

St. Johns is a community that takes pride in its close-knit, family first attitude with great schools and friendly neighbors. St. Johns offers the peace, security, serenity, and beauty of small-town living in the White Mountain region.

Fast Facts

  • Population (2010) 3,485
  • Labor Force (2010) 1,371
  • Real AZ Corridor Population (2010) 89,248
    Real AZ Corridor Total Labor Force (2010) 56,762

Resources (SEDI Asset Inventory 2008)

  • Wind Power, Biomass, Bio-Fuel, Water, Potash, Solar, Sandstone, Aggregate Road Material


  • (1) Coal-Fueled Power Plants in community; major employer
  • Natural Gas
  • Solar
  • CO2 Storage


  • Located 50 miles south of Interstate 40
  • Served by US Hwy 191, SR 61
  • St. Johns Industrial Airpark has a lighted 5,600 ft. runway, six hangars, UNICOM radio, tie-down service, general aviation and jet fuels available.


  • Four-season lifestyle, high quality of life
  • Year-round recreation, featuring Lyman Lake State Park, City Parks, St. Johns Equestrian Center, Concho Valley Country Club

St. Johns

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