Snowflake is in Arizona’s Energy and Economic Development Corridor: the Real AZ Corridor

Land is abundant and in large tracts that are easy to develop. High quality water is available in reliable volume. Wind and solar energy production is becoming a way of life. A strong road network, rail access and a municipal airport make access to markets, customers and workers easy and reliable. Life is good here.

Fast Facts

  • Population (2010) 5,590
  • Labor Force 2,125
  • Employment 1,900
  • Real AZ Corridor Population (2010) 89,248
    Real AZ Corridor Total Labor Force (2010) 56,762

Resources (SEDI Asset Inventory 2008)

  • Wind Power, Biomass, Bio-Fuel, Water, Potash, Solar, Sandstone, Aggregate Road Material


  • Dry Lake Wind Farm
  • Natural Gas
  • Solar


  • Nearby Highways: Interstate 40; SR 77, 277
  • Nearby Taylor Municipal Airport has a 7,200-foot runway (upgraded 2009)
  • BNSF Commercial Rail Service nearby


  • Four-season lifestyle, high quality of life. Very family-oriented community;
  • Year-round recreation opportunities.


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