Our Natural Resources Are Sustainable Energy Resources

The resource-rich Real AZ Corridor offers the best opportunity to assure sustainable operating success through resource and energy availability, access, abundance and development potential — starting now. We are Arizona’s Energy and Economic Development Corridor.

Our bio-diverse region is rich in natural resources, including water, forest products and minerals. Our soils are well-suited for energy storage, reclamation and agriculture. Open land is abundant, affordable and accessible. The variety of geography, resources and natural assets is impressive.

The Real AZ Corridor has the potential to become the largest supplier of potash in North America. It is estimated that there are up to 2.5 billion tons of potash in the Holbrook basin, which could provide for up to 80 years of production.

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The Real AZ Corridor adjoins two National forests, including the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the world. The White Mountain Stewardship Contract is hard at work here, creating new industries and jobs and providing a model for Future Forest initiatives across the U.S. Biomass utilization, specialty agriculture and hydroponics are growing industries here. Navajo County and the Real AZ Corridor were early advocates of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI).

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The potential is real — and ready to realize. Looking for sustainable opportunities for investment and growth? You’ll find them here.
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The Real AZ Corridor is Arizona’s Energy and Economic Development Corridor:
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