Eagar is in Arizona’s Energy and Economic Development Corridor: the Real AZ Corridor

Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Eagar, where innovative manufacturing and processing companies are creating new products, processes and markets. This progressive ‘can do’ attitude exists amidst some of the finest outdoor recreation in the west. Eagar truly is ‘where the roads meet the trails’.

Fast Facts

  • Population (2008) 4,562
  • Labor Force (2007) 1,910
  • No. of Small Businesses 170
  • Real AZ Corridor Population (2010) 89,248
    Real AZ Corridor Total Labor Force (2010) 56,762

Resources (SEDI Asset Inventory 2008)

  • Wind Power, Biomass, Timber/Roundwood, Bio-Fuel, Water, Potash, Solar
    White Mountains Stewardship Contract/Apache-Sitgreaves Forest
    Biomass Utilization Programs


  • (1) Coal-Fueled Power Plant
  • Biomass/Future Forest Initiatives
  • Natural Gas
  • Solar


  • Nearby Highways: Interstate 40; US 60, SR 260, SR 191
  • Springerville Airport (public)


  • Four-season lifestyle, high quality of life
  • Year-round recreation, featuring trail riding, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, cross country skiing, rodeo grounds and an exceptional trail network.


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