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Corridor Home to High-Potential Growth Sectors

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

There are four sectors that offer significant and demonstrable potential for industry development, job creation, capital investment and beneficial economic development in the Corridor:

Potash Mining and Processing

Potash is an important commodity in global agricultural and industrial markets. It is used for fertilizers, feed supplements and in industrial applications including aluminum recycling, water treatment and snow melting. According to an American West Potash report, a world shortage of potash, limited global reserves, increasing global demand, improved mining technologies and increasing sale prices have made the Real AZ Corridor project economically viable. There is evidence that the Real AZ Corridor has the potential to become the largest area of potash production in the world.

Diversified Energy Production

The Corridor is home to three modern and expanding coal-fired power plants; Arizona’s largest commercial-scale wind farm; solar, biomass and geothermal energy development; CO2 storage capacity and unmatched synergy of sector development. There are few areas that are as well positioned as Navajo and Apache counties to take advantage of emerging energy technologies and evolving energy production and distribution processes, Federal incentives and funding, and private, venture capital investment. The Real AZ Corridor is undeniably Arizona’s Energy Corridor. The future of energy production — for Arizona and other power-hungry Southwest states — can be seen here, in development and already at work.

Future Forest and Forest Management Industries

The Real AZ Corridor is home to three National Forests and the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world. No other region in Arizona is as well positioned to leverage future forest practices and technologies, emerging biomass utilization processes and developing wood products markets. Forest management is an essential element to wildfire mitigation. The reality of that need, the creation of new legislation supporting forest management and industry, and the support of environmentalists as well as business owners and investors bodes very well for the sustainable development of this sector in the Real AZ Corridor.

Algae & Other Biosciences
The Real AZ Corridor is already home to a number of companies that are involved in ground-breaking work in the agricultural and biosciences sectors. Algae Biosciences, Inc. researches, develops and manufacturers micro and macro algae for use in nutraceuticals (including Omega-3 fatty acid oils), food additives and pharmaceuticals. Near-perfect growing conditions, moderate temperatures, high duration-high intensity sunlight, and an abundant saline water supply led the company to call the Real AZ Corridor a ‘geographic sweet spot’ for efficient, high volume algae production.

The abundant availability of high-saline water and near-perfect growing conditions makes the Real AZ Corridor well-suited for large-scale marine algae cultivation and harvesting. The existence of three major (and expanding) coal-fired power plants is also likely to drive the expansion of algae cultivation to help mitigate power generation and manufacturing emissions and to produce a viable — and potentially abundant — source of carbon offset credits.

The future of the Real AZ Corridor is very bright indeed!

Industry Group Educates On Algae’s Economic Potential

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Algae and other biosciences are high-potential growth sectors in the Real AZ Corridor, thanks to the ready availability of high-saline water, abundant sunshine and ‘near-perfect conditions’ for algae growing and harvesting. Snowflake-based Algae Biosciences Inc. and other companies like it are breaking new ground in developing processes that utilize algae as a source of food additives, nutricicals including Omega-3, and for use in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.  

Algae cultivation also utilizes CO2 and produces carbon offset credits that make it an ideal companion industry for power plants and manufacturing companies.

The Algal Biomass Organization recently engaged a Washington D.C. lobbying firm to educate policymakers on the algae industry’s ‘huge potential for job creation, domestic fuel production and economic development across the country’.

According to a release issued today:

‘The firm will help ABO in its efforts to educate federal policy makers about the growing potential for algae biofuels and the role they will play in U.S. energy production, national security and economic development, and to advocate for legislation that helps create parity for algae-derived fuels among the various regulatory and tax incentives available to other types of biofuels.

The investment by ABO comes as at a critical time for the industry, as fuels that can be derived from algae, such as gasoline, biodiesel and aviation fuel, are moving out of the laboratory and into the marketplace.

Algae-based products and biofuels can be produced on land that is not used for agriculture, with water sources that are otherwise unusable, and at per-acre yields that vastly exceed other crops used for fuel production. As the demand for liquid fossil fuels grows faster than new supplies can be brought to market, the algae industry has been working to develop a range of fuels that can fill the gap, stimulate economic development in virtually any state, and provide a source of sustainable, domestically produced fuels that enhances U.S. energy security.’

You can read the entire press release HERE.

Potash Projects Hold Big Potential For Corridor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The Real AZ Corridor is Arizona’s energy and economic development corridor. It may also turn out to be America’s potash corridor, with multiple potash market development projects at work in the Holbrook area. It is becoming apparent that the Real AZ Corridor could become one of the world’s leading, long-term producers of potash. That could mean hundreds of construction and mining jobs in the Corridor  — and not just now, but for many years to come.

Learn about Passport Potash’s Holbrook Basin project by watching this informative video HERE.

Learn about the American West Potash project, which is also located in the Holbrook Basin, through this company presentation HERE.

Potash is only one of the many resources that put the ‘R’ in the REAL AZ Corridor, where REAL stands for Resources, Energy, Access and Lifestyle.