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Industry Group Educates On Algae’s Economic Potential

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Algae and other biosciences are high-potential growth sectors in the Real AZ Corridor, thanks to the ready availability of high-saline water, abundant sunshine and ‘near-perfect conditions’ for algae growing and harvesting. Snowflake-based Algae Biosciences Inc. and other companies like it are breaking new ground in developing processes that utilize algae as a source of food additives, nutricicals including Omega-3, and for use in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.  

Algae cultivation also utilizes CO2 and produces carbon offset credits that make it an ideal companion industry for power plants and manufacturing companies.

The Algal Biomass Organization recently engaged a Washington D.C. lobbying firm to educate policymakers on the algae industry’s ‘huge potential for job creation, domestic fuel production and economic development across the country’.

According to a release issued today:

‘The firm will help ABO in its efforts to educate federal policy makers about the growing potential for algae biofuels and the role they will play in U.S. energy production, national security and economic development, and to advocate for legislation that helps create parity for algae-derived fuels among the various regulatory and tax incentives available to other types of biofuels.

The investment by ABO comes as at a critical time for the industry, as fuels that can be derived from algae, such as gasoline, biodiesel and aviation fuel, are moving out of the laboratory and into the marketplace.

Algae-based products and biofuels can be produced on land that is not used for agriculture, with water sources that are otherwise unusable, and at per-acre yields that vastly exceed other crops used for fuel production. As the demand for liquid fossil fuels grows faster than new supplies can be brought to market, the algae industry has been working to develop a range of fuels that can fill the gap, stimulate economic development in virtually any state, and provide a source of sustainable, domestically produced fuels that enhances U.S. energy security.’

You can read the entire press release HERE.